Our Journey

A journey redefined

From the very start we’ve followed our passion for redefining the journey. In 2008, we changed the electric bike market forever with the world’s first true ebike, with its own bespoke internal motor system.

But simply starting an engineering revolution wasn’t enough. We wanted our collection to have its own, distinct identity, and not simply look like bicycles with batteries added. So our German design team created an entire range of ebikes that ride as beautifully as they look.

Close up of bike frame.
Our bike names

Each A2B e-bike is named after an individual synonymous with redefining journeys. These pioneering individuals include:

  • Octave Chanute was a railway engineer and aviation pioneer. Hailed as the ‘father of aviation’he introduced the "strut-wire" braced wing structure that would be used in powered biplanes of the future. Chanute provided the Wright brothers with help and advice, with the brothers basing their glider designs on his "double-decker,". Our first pioneering model (the Metro) was renamed in his honor and remains the much admired model that launched our range. Find out more about Octave Chanute
  • Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the long-lasting electric light bulb, electric car battery, phonograph and motion picture camera along with a number of industrial developments.   Edison patented a system for electricity distribution to capitalize on the invention of the electric lamp.  It seemed only appropriate to name this ever popular e-bike after him as the model was inspired by market demand within the electric bike industry. Find out more about Thomas Alva Edison

  • ​Ferdinand Ferber played an important role in the development of aviation and publicising the work of the Wright brothers.  He was a major influence on the development of aviation in Europe. As a new model to the market, the Ferber’s long range (much sought after around the world and made possible by lasting and economical battery performance) made it an obvious pairing. Find out more about Ferdinand Ferber
  • Hideo Shima is the Japanese engineer whose driving force saw the world’s first bullet train come to fruition. He went on to become the head of the National Space Development Agency of Japan, where he pushed the development of hydrogen engines to power rockets.  As our fastest A2B model, the Shima was a perfect match for him. Find out more about Hideo Shima

  • Luigi Aloisio Galvani is renowned for his work on the galvanic cells for batteries  effectively inventing the first battery, and their impressive performance. Since the Galvani e-bike is ideal for long touring rides, the name, also given to the first known electric locomotive was a perfect match. Find out more about Luigi Aloisio Galvani
  • Shen Kuo was the first person to describe magnetic needle compass and discovered the concept of magnetic north. His experimentation of suspended magnetic needles was a decisive step in human history making the compasses vital for navigation.  Our first folding bike in the A2B range (and its popular use by commuters getting home from work), the Kuo seemed a good fit. Find out more about Shen Kuo
  • Hans Christian Ørsted was a Danish physicist and chemist who discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetism.   A leader of the so-called Danish Golden Age, Ørsted founded Selskabet for Naturlærens Udbredelse (SNU), a society to disseminate knowledge of the natural sciences. He was also the founder of the forerunner to the Danish Meteorological Institute and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Find out more about Hans Christian Orsted
  • Graeme Obree was known as ‘The Flying Scotsman’ and created a number of radical innovations in bicycle design. Our ‘Obree’ model features the unusual 24” wheel size and new innovations in the engineering, propulsion system and battery performance, we felt he was a fitting namesake. Find out more about Graeme Obree
  • Justus B Entz was the inventor of the electromagnetic transmission and a pioneer in the early automobile industry. As the most advanced of the A2B range, the Entz was chosen as his namesake, reflecting the performance ethos of integrating one of the most advanced electric motors and the option of an automatic shifting gearless hub on the deluxe model. Find out more about Justus B Entz

The name of each model complements its character and also highlights A2B’s commitment to innovation and development.

Our passion for design

Today’s A2B range is the result of the engineering innovation and design brilliance of our Berlin design centre. We believe that it’s the tiny details that make our e-bikes so special; the loving attention to detail, drive for perfection, thought and hard work that goes into each and every model.

Our bikes are a true labour of love, and that passion comes across in the design and rides of our range. And we hope that you feel that love when you take possession of your own A2B e-bike.

Meet A2B electric bike designer: Norbert Haller

After finishing his Industrial Design study in 1998 in cooperation with Audi, Norbert Haller started his career in the light electric vehicle (LEV) industry, by designing and developing bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters for customers worldwide. He worked on projects for the US military and created product lines for new businesses in the USA and UK.

Living and working in Asia has given him a deep insight into manufacturing processes and an understanding and appreciation of working across different cultures and design influences. Norbert has spent time identifying market trends and understanding consumer demands which influences his work in that it is perfect combination of design and functionality.

Norbert’s work has been recognised by many respected design bodies.  He is in demand as a speaker and has been invited to judge the prestigious iF awards (Industrie Forum).  He has lectured at the University of Arts in Berlin and Industrial Design Institut in Magdeburg.

A2B Collaboration: The Entz, Obree and Orsted.

The inspiration for the A2B e-bike range was to create a modern design interpretation of the step through e-Bike, following the unique Y-shaped A2B design. This heart of these sleek, stylish e-bikes are the hydroformed aluminium frame with clean, smooth integrated centre motor from German made Continental.

The strong but lightweight frame integrates the whole system flowing as if sculpted out of one single piece of metal.  

The beautiful A2B range has achieved numerous design awards and has been exhibited at the Design Museum, London; Priestman Goode, London and recognised by the German Design Council.

Partnerships and associations

A2B is at the forefront of the global e-bike revolution.  We work alongside corporates, associations and Governments to promote the benefits of e-bikes. 

  • Pioneers of city e-bike schemes with collaborations in San Francisco and Copenhagen.
  • Co-founders of the British Electric Bicycle Association – the recognized voice of the e-bike industry in the UK.  Alongside UK Government and corporates to promote the benefits of e-bikes and provide a clean, less costly transportation alternative.
  • ‘Bicycle Friendly Business’ Award – achieved “Gold Level”.
  • Members of San Francisco Bicycle Coalition - One of the oldest bicycle advocacy groups in the US.
  • California Bicycle Coalition - State level bicycle advocacy group, involved in policy changes for electric bicycle classification.
  • The League of American Cyclists - The original cycling advocacy group in the US.
  • Light Electric Vehicle Association. 

Our Journey

A2B Electric Bikes

A journey redefined