Retailer Spotlight - Urban Cycle and Café

As the market in Mexico begins to understand the benefits of e-bikes our dealer partner Urban Cycle and Café is at the forefront of this charge.

Their ethos is to provide the ‘Best start to the morning: coffee and e-bikes’.    Their excellent produce knowledge and desire to share their passion for bikes with the world makes this the perfect environment for those bike ‘experts’ plus the cautiously curious.

Centrally located, this cool combination of bike store and café provides a relaxed environment to enjoy a great coffee and get to see the best in A2B e-bike technology.  Open since 2014 this increasingly popular store is sure to become a ‘must visit’ destination for all.

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When did your passion for cycling start?
Since we were children wanted to ride a smart bike. Always at christmas waited for presents specially for bikes. Recently it has become a method of transportation in the City specially in the area where we live.

How long have you been selling A2B e-bikes?
Using A2B bikes more than 4 years, selling them since February 2015.

Which is your favourite A2B bike model?
Shima and Kuo+

Which A2B bike model is most popular for your customers?
Kou + Ferber

Where is your favourite cycling route?
From point A to point B, jejeje grin

To and from home to work

In Mexico City, Polanco area, also Reforma, Condesa y Centro Histórico.

How many miles do you cycle a week?

After a big cycle, what is your favourite meal to refuel?
Fresh Fish grilled and veggies

How many people cycle in this city? 
Today in Mexico City could be like 2 million rides a day.

What could be done to make the roads more cycle friendly in your area?
It is a great cultural change for mexico city citizens but it will grow to the point of melting into our way of life within the city

If you were not involved with bikes, what would be your career plan B?
Restaurant & Cafe

What would be your dream/ultimate cycle trip?
Ride in England through the cotswolds countryside

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