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Denmark is already one of the leading the cycling countries in Europe with the Danish ministry of transport determined to improve cycling numbers by making it even more attractive and easier to cycle to work, school or leisure. They plan to achieve this by creating better cycle paths, secure bicycle parking spaces, and new cycling facilities.

We recently got to spend some time with A2B distributor, Smartmove, in their beautiful Copenhagen store.  Their highly knowledgeable staff can answer all your e-bike questions and give great advice for the novice to the knowledgeable.

There has never been a better time to take to two e-wheels!

We ask the guys from Smartmove a few questions about bikes, refueling after a ride and holiday destinations. 

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When did your passion for cycling start? 
I from Copenhagen, so I have always biked around when going somewhere.

How long have you been selling A2B e-bikes?
We have been selling A2B since December 2011.

Which is your favourite A2B bike model?
Ørsted, I prefer the 26” wheels combined with good balance and the best hub motor around!

Which A2B bike model is most popular for your customers?
The most popular at the moment is Hybrid 24,  because of low gravity center, and the awesome RFID chip. That bike is really solid.    

Where is your favourite cycling route?
I'm actually only bike to get around, But I love to take the E-bike out to watch football in Brøndby. Then I can have some beers at the game. ”Do not drink and bike”.

How many miles do you cycle a week?
Most of the year 110-130 km. During winter, around 40-50 km.

After a big cycle, what is your favourite meal to refuel?  
I prefer a cheese burger from a local burger bar.    

How many people cycle in this city?
A lot! I think I heard there was around 2.000.000 bikes  total in greater Copenhagen. But there is only living around 1.000.000 people. But not all bike, so.......?

What could be done to make the roads more cycle friendly in your area?
In most of the city we have bike lanes next to the actual road, that's pretty good, but in rush hour the lanes are packed, so if the lanes where wider it would help a lot, especially when you want to overtake all the slow regular bikes. But the city is doing a really good job for the “bikers”.

If you were not involved with bikes, what would be your career plan B?
I have a degree in electronics engineering, so I would do electronics, maybe computing.     

What would be your dream/ultimate cycle trip?
My favorite bike trip is the annual trip to Eurobike to see all the new stuff....Does that count?.

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