2013 has been a year full of change at A2B. In April we unveiled the new look for A2B and a new range of ebikes at events in the UK, Germany, and across the USA. Check out the footage from the launch in London.

The new brand has been received with great enthusiasm. The A2B rebrand was also Best Rebrand in the Davey Awards

We hope you have seen the tangible changes in the brand this year, with a new website (www.wearea2b.com), Facebook page, POS materials and collateral. We’re equipping our partners with increased marketing support for in-store displays, online presence, collateral and events. For updates on events keep an eye on our Facebook page.

We were also proud to see our new range of ebikes on display in flagship stores. Take a look at the store in Copenhagen for inspiration on how you could showcase A2B in-store

We suggest you update your websites to reflect the new name and website link and remove any references to Ultra Motor, Hero Eco and old imagery. (All links should point to the new www.weareA2B.com site.). Please contact your local A2B representative for any enquiries on new A2B imagery and POS. The Peak and the Ride, will continue to be sold under our sister brand, F4W. Positioning F4W as a sister brand enables us to differentiate this line from the A2B premium range.