When you’re explaining the benefits of owning an ebike to a potential customer, there’s plenty to highlight, though the details of the technical specifications will depend on the model. However, one benefit all ebikes have in common is their competitive running cost – making them an attractively wise buy, as one savvy city commuter in the US has discovered.

All too-often, customers that are otherwise sold on the concept of an ebike say they find the cost of buying one off-putting. But when, as designer and photographer Arjun Adamson did, you examine the figures, you can easily see how investing in an ebike makes financial sense over time.

In fact, when you look at the cold, stark facts, an ebike emerges as the most cost-efficient mode of transport for getting around the city. The three-year cost of running an ebike is just £3,046.96 (based on an average RRP of £1,995 for a Hybrid/24) – compared to £9,158.76 (using AA figures) for a car, and £4,272 for using the tube (for Zones 1-3).

And as well as saving money in the long term, owners of ebikes can also save time while commuting across the city. But don’t just take our word for it. Read Arjun’s full story about how he happily sold his car to buy an ebike here.