As ebikes and A2B win ever more media coverage, an increasing number of UK consumers are learning about the benefits of going electric – and we’re doing all we can to encourage them to discover more (and ultimately to send them to you to buy a model).

Recently The Times Technology Review, discussed how ebikes could change the way we commute to work, helping to grow both awareness of the electric bikes market and to highlight the benefits of using them. The feature gave our foldable Kuo an impressive 5 out of 5, beating the Mercedes Smart electric bike. Download the full article below.

The Gadget Show also recently starred ebikes, also helping to increase awareness even further. On 28 October they featured two different models – the A2B Hybrid/24 and GoCycle.

The Hybrid/24 was praised for its comfort, style, high level of assist and integrated security key. In fact, the show liked it so much they’ve asked for a Galvani to feature on a future show. If you missed the episode, you can watch the ebike feature here

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