As part of the UK Government’s call for evidence from opinion formers and key players in the low emission vehicle industry, A2B has been working with the British Electric Bicycle Association to stress the importance of electric bikes in the UK’s mix of low emission transportation alternatives.

Following the Government’s announcement back in November that it will be investing £500m on promoting the UK’s ultra-low emission vehicle sector, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, put out a request for evidence to decide on where the emphasis should be placed and which modes of transportation should be directly targeted.

In recognition of the valuable contribution that the ultra-low emission vehicle sector brings to the UK economy and its green targets, the Government intends to provide much needed funding to secure the UK’s position as a global leader in this sector, and, importantly, to encourage more people to choose vehicles with the lowest possible emissions.

Naturally the ebike is a perfect solution for those looking for cheaper, quicker as well as greener alternatives to traditional modes of transportation. So we teamed up with the British Electric Bicycle Association, alongside other suppliers, to provide input into the consultation and put forward the recommendation that grants become technology and vehicle neutral.

If grants did become technology and vehicle neutral, electric bicycles and scooters would be awarded grants in the same way as electric cars, encouraging people to purchase ebikes as an alternative, clean mode of transport and giving the industry a much needed boost.

The government aims to publish details of the planned 2015 to 2020 package later this year following the end of the call to action, which happened on 20 January.

So, watch this space!

For more detail on the Government’s proposals, follow this link:,olev-launches-consultation-on-future-for-ulevs-and-how-to-spend-500m_2853.htm