The Shima is featured in the Extra Energy Report

The Shima has been featured in the Extra Energy report along with our Kuo and Orsted electric bikes. A2B has consistently been featured in the top 10 and this report is no exception.

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Gloucestershire Police go Electric

Gloucestershire Constabulary have launched their new electric bike initiative in Stroud, with the help of premium e-bike brand A2B.

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A2B supplies bikes for Police.

As part of a new scheme in Gloucestershire, the police are trialing the use of A2B electric bikes. The scheme is aiming to make life a little easier for the officers traveling around the local hilly terrain.

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Extra Energy - Report August 2014

Extra Energy, the respected Light Energy Vehicle testing authority, has published its eagerly awaited latest round of e-bikes test results. A2B has consistently achieved a top 10 ranking over the last few years and this year is no exception. Our Kuo model came 2nd out of the 50 reviewed electric vehicles.

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Australian summer style and sophistication with A2B e-bikes

A2B stylish electric bikes have appealed to Aussies so much since landing on Australia’s sunny shores that we are proud to announce our hire scheme in Australia.

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Galvani Video Review

A video review of the latest Galvani e-bike - This video was filmed by Turbo Bob for his video blog!

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A Review of the Ferber

EV World put the Ferber through its paces giving a comprehensively positive review. Read the thorough review which tested all aspects of performance for the popular step through model.

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A2B showcasing at Like Bike Monaco

We will be at Like Bike Monaco in 2015, will you be there?

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As Autumnwatch returns to our screens could you explore the countryside?

Our partners at the Electric Bike Network discuss why Autumn is the perfect time to get out on your bikes and explore some areas of extreme natural beauty.

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A2B opens at Korea’s largest shopping mall, Lotte World

The highly anticipated opening of Lotte World Mall took place last week to much public excitement and media interest.

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