The model’s revolutionary German drive system with over 2500 sensor points in the motor alone make for extremely smooth acceleration to ensure that it is always a pleasure to ride. The hydro formed frame gives the bike a distinctive fashion bias, along with a lower centre of gravity for easy use in urban situations.

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Developed to meet the needs of the urban market, the German-designed and built Obree’s smaller wheels and lower seat height are suited to urban riding with more agility. The adjustable stem and ergonomic grips add more comfort to the ride. With the over 2500 sensor points in the motor the control of the power curve is perfect and make for very smooth  acceleration.

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The Obree’s smaller, 24” wheels allow for agility and stability in ruban settings like cities and towns. It also allows for faster turning which is advantagous in cities. The motor has regenerative braking which will top up the battery under normal use, and can also be set to work actively on hills to reduce the dependance on the brakes by using the motor as a brake. The "Y" frame design also allows ease of mouting the bike. It offers an impressive 100 km (62 mile) range, with a top speed of 25km/h (15.5 mph)*, extending the possibilities of the ride.

* Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.

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Technical specifications

Maximum power assistance speed

25km/h (15.5mph)


up to 100 km (62mi)*


Backlight, speed, distance/range, charge/ recoup, riding/ walk assist modes


German BMZ Lithium-Ion, 36v available in 11.25Ah and 14.5Ah


3 hours


250 watt motor with regenerative braking. Internal torque sensor integrated to the drive shaft

Gearing Deraileur

Shimano Deore 9-speed


Tektro Auriga E-Comp, Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes


Suntour SF NCX-D-LO, 63mm Travel


17" or 20" 6061 Y-almunium frame


2.35 Kenda Krusader

Curb Weight

24.1kg (53lb)

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Frequently asked questions

How fast and how far can the Obree go?

The Obree can reach speed of up to 25km/h (15.5mph), however you are able to pedal faster. The Obree will assist you up to 100km (62 miles) (the distance varies depending on the weight of the rider and riding conditions).

How do I set my own pace?

You can choose the level of pedal assistance provided using the control option on the display via the remote on the handlebar. There are five assistance levels ranging from ‘economy’ for maximum range, through to ‘high’ for a sporty and dynamic experience. In addition there is an active engine braking setting that allows regenerative braking on hills at a set speed to help stop excessive speed and recharge the battery. A walk assist function allows the bike to travel at up to 6km/h (3.7mph) while you walk the bike in non-cycle areas.

How does the Obree handle hills?

The Obree delivers up to 40 Nm of torque which allows it to climb the hills with ease. The big difference on this bike is the sensors inside the motor. Many high end bikes might have 300 sensor points in the motor, while the Obree has over 2500 sensor points. This allows for more precision of controlling the motor in different conditions including hills. The built in torque sensor that is attached to the drive shaft will sense the hills and adjust the power curve to match the situation. Very few e-bikes on the market have this level of complexity to deliver a smooth ride regardless of the situation.

How do I charge the Obree?

To recharge the battery simply plug the charger into any standard outlet and connect it to your portable rear rack battery (either on the bike or off the bike inside). After two hours your battery will be charged up to 80% of its capacity. To complete a full charge will take up to three hours depending on how discharged the battery is at the beginning of the charging process. For the best performance we recommend to charge your Obree battery at least every two months and if you are using it frequently try to use as much of the capacity before charging. The display also offers recuperation modes while riding which will extend your range. The battery should be charged in temperatures greater than 10 degrees and not above 35 degrees.

How do I know if I’m running low on power?

Most e-bikes will show a bar system to indicate the capacity of the battery. While the Obree has this on the display, it takes it one step further and estimates based on current consumption how many more kms there are in the battery, removing the normal guess work in the bar capacity situation. Is one bar left 1 kms or 5kms, the Obree knows.

What does my warranty cover?

Our standard warranty covers you for: Five years on the e-bike’s frame. Two years on components and battery – covering all parts of your e-bike except brake pads, chain, freewheel and tyres. Normal wear and tear is not covered in warranty and neither is accident damage. The warranty terms mentioned above are applicable for European markets only and are different for other markets. Please see your local dealer for more information.

Can I buy accessories for the Obree?

We have a range of accessories to meet your lifestyle needs available at your local A2B dealer. Visit the accessories page to view the range.


Download Obree Manual (2.8 MB)

Download Datasheet (933.5 KB)