A2B successfully relaunches new look brand and releases new models in to global markets

A2B, under the guidance and new ownership of Hero Eco Ltd, has undergone a transformation and recently relaunched the new look brand along with 6 new electric bike models available across global markets. A2B has offices in the UK, Germany and the USA and undertook events in each country to reintroduce the brand and reveal the new look to the world just as the 2013 season begins.

On Monday 8 April, A2B hosted a global brand relaunch at the National Theatre in London, UK where the press received their first view of 3 new pedellec models released on to the market this summer. The Galvani Male and Galvani Female are designed with touring in mind while the elegant Ferber has an excellent range for either urban or longer range journeys.

The press also received the exclusive first view of the 3 Made in Germany models which will be available in late 2013 utilising all new state-of-the-art technology. The Obree and Ørsted and Entz will be the most exciting of the A2B range utilising new German propulsion systems and the Entz will be the world's first electric bike to use the German made AEG motor system.

Launches around the world

On Monday 15 April, A2B launched the brand and new range to the German, Swiss and Austrian markets at Upside East in Munich. The Germanic markets have one of the largest electric bike markets globally and A2B is set to resume it's position as a premium e-Bike range with strong products and excellence in design and engineering.

All guests enjoyed taking the new and existing range for test rides around the facility and many were very impressed with the diversity of the range and performance of the bikes.

On Thursday 25 April, A2B hosted the final country launch in New York at Chelsea Peirs where the range were very well received by press with the New York Times calling A2B bikes "bad ass good". Guests were clamouring to test out the Alva+, the newest product for markets outside of Europe which features both pedal assistance and power on demand via the throttle. The Shima, also new to the US market, is the high speed pedelec popular in Europe which is set to diversify the A2B range for the USA.


A number of smaller regional launches will continue throughout May and the rest of the year. Dealers will begin adopting the new look brand in store as products become available in their markets. 

To find out more about the new products, browse The Collection online or look for a local dealer using the Find a Dealer section of the website. 

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