We are supporting #EarthDay

We will be donating $10 for every A2B Electric Bike sold this weekend, 22 - 24th April 2016

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The Entz scores very high on the Extra Energy review

Our Entz has been put through it's paces with the Extra Energy team and was awarded a fantastic result. The Entz joins our other winners including the Obree, Orsted and Shima.

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Extra Energy - Report August 2014

Extra Energy, the respected Light Energy Vehicle testing authority, has published its eagerly awaited latest round of e-bikes test results. A2B has consistently achieved a top 10 ranking over the last few years and this year is no exception. Our Kuo model came 2nd out of the 50 reviewed electric vehicles.

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The A2B Obree continues to impress with its latest nomination by the German Design Council

Creating next generation e-bikes The Obree’s lower centre of gravity offers a stable, agile ride to navigate increasingly congested urban environments in style. Featuring regenerative braking and pedalling enabling recharging of the battery on-the-go, a revolutionary German propulsion system that provides up to 114km range, a quiet high torque motor and smaller wheels for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. With its stylish, distinctive Y-frame design with Hydroform manufacture the Obree achieved a “Gut” rating by ExtraEnergy.org

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A new Italian store is opening this week

A new Parma store is opening on June 27th The new shop is located in the heart of the city, in Piazza Duomo, in the iconic Temporary Palazzo location. the opening shows a city billboard advertising campaign supporting the event, shown around the city.

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Di grande valore il riconoscimento attribuito ad A2B per la progettazione e il design d'eccellenza.

ExtraEnergy, l'autorità internazionale, indipendente per i LEV ( Light- Elettrico-Vehicle ) certifica le innovazioni in tutto il mondo. Nella categoria "lifestyle" di e-bike , Ørsted e Obree di A2B sono state indicate rispettivamente come "Ottima" e "Molto Buona" Orsted si è qualificata al secondo posto su cinquanta e-bike in questa categoria .

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"Designs of the Year Awards" e scegli A2B Obree!

La “A2B Obree” il nuovo modello della collezione 2014 tra le nomination dei Designs of the year Awards.

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Milan’s A2B Shop-in-shop is open for business

ElettroCity, Milan’s electric vehicle specialist, has launched a stylish A2B café showcasing A2B’s e-bikes.

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A2B Dealer Day e Press briefing

A2B Café, il primo flagship store in Italia ideato come store-in-the-store presso Elettrocity, Milano, ospita il lancio di A2B e-bike il 25 March

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A2B joins forces with citycarshare.org

A2B joins forces with citycarshare.org as part of its San Francisco ebike share scheme

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