The benefits of investing in cycling

Last week saw the release of the ‘Benefits of Investing in Cycling’ report, from Dr Rachel Alfred, commissioned by British Cycling. Whilst it didn’t exactly include any real revelations – cycling improves health; cuts road congestion and improves the economy - it did present a pretty compelling case for Britain, and other countries for that matter, to invest in cycling. The potential benefits cited are impressive:

- If the UK had the same levels of cycling as Copenhagen, the NHS could save £17billion within 20 year
- Shifting 10% of short urban journeys annually from car to cycle could save over 100 premature deaths from air pollution related illnesses annually
- Installing protective space for cycling can increase retail sales by up to a quarter.

The report was timely, with Transport for London currently canvassing public opinion on building a new cycle superhighway in London which would create a separated route for cyclists running through central London. This would no doubt make it much safer and more convenient for cyclists to travel across London and would encourage more people to take it up. The consultation is open until the 9th November, full details are on the TFL website.

Copenhagen currently leads the way in terms of innovative thinking on clever cycle friendly ideas whilst in harmony with other road users. From the ‘Green Wave’ to footrests along the way other cities can learn a lot from the Danes.  

A2B was delighted to provide bikes for the Copenhagen electric bike share scheme as well a providing a great way for tourists to experience the city with the A2B electric bike tours. This short film gives a taster of cycling through Copenhagen on an A2B e-bike.


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