The Entz scores very high on the Extra Energy review

Our Entz has been put through it's paces with the Extra Energy team and was awarded a fantastic result. The Entz joins our other winners including the Obree, Orsted and Shima.

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Weekend Notes - The Electric Bike Revolution

'Weekend Notes' a popular website in Australia took a few of our electric bikes out for a ride around Brisbane.

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The Ferber vs. The Galvani - The Review

Our Ferber ebike goes head to head with our Galvani. With the European styling of the Ferber and the classic styling of the Galvani this review is one to read.

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Pedelecs Ltd review our German made Obree e-bike

Our German made Obree ebike has been tested by Pedelec and the resounding statement is " should definitely give the Obree a test ride”!

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Extra Energy - Report August 2014

Extra Energy, the respected Light Energy Vehicle testing authority, has published its eagerly awaited latest round of e-bikes test results. A2B has consistently achieved a top 10 ranking over the last few years and this year is no exception. Our Kuo model came 2nd out of the 50 reviewed electric vehicles.

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A Review of the Ferber

EV World put the Ferber through its paces giving a comprehensively positive review. Read the thorough review which tested all aspects of performance for the popular step through model.

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The Entz Launches to an appreciative audience

The Entz Launches at EUROBIKE 2014

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The A2B Kuo Reviewed

Electric Bike Review give the Kuo a thorough testing. They describe the A2B folding electric bike as ‘lightweight, affordable and feature rich’. Read the full technical review here.

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Forbes Alva+ review

The A2B Alva+ is fun to ride, easy to own and a very attractive form of alternative green transportation.

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Fully Charged Review the A2B range

‘A2B e-bikes are some of the most international bikes we’ve come across! Utilizing the highest quality components, constructed and extensively tested in Germany before finally being distributed from right here in the UK. A2B bikes are real workhorses: robustly built, extensively tested and using unfaltering components. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the urban jungle. Of course, they’re gorgeous to look at too!’

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