Forbes Alva+ review

The A2B Alva+ is fun to ride, easy to own and a very attractive form of alternative green transportation.

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A2B put German engineering at heart of electric bike range.

The performance, quality and reliability synonymous with German engineering in the motoring world, is now making its way into the rapidly developing electric bike scene, courtesy of e-Bike industry pioneers, A2B.

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A2B at EUROBIKE new launches and innovations this week.

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A2B continue to redefine journeys with Entz launch at EUROBIKE show.

A2B to launch world's first bike with new drive system from Continental.

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New Social technology innovation marks next milestone for the e-bike industry.

A2B unveils eSocialBike with Sitael.

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Fully Charged Review the A2B range

‘A2B e-bikes are some of the most international bikes we’ve come across! Utilizing the highest quality components, constructed and extensively tested in Germany before finally being distributed from right here in the UK. A2B bikes are real workhorses: robustly built, extensively tested and using unfaltering components. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the urban jungle. Of course, they’re gorgeous to look at too!’

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The A2B Shima eBike Reviewed

Electric Bike Review put the award-winning Shima through its paces. “This is a beautiful bike” they say…Read the full technical review here.

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The A2B Obree continues to impress with its latest nomination by the German Design Council

Creating next generation e-bikes The Obree’s lower centre of gravity offers a stable, agile ride to navigate increasingly congested urban environments in style. Featuring regenerative braking and pedalling enabling recharging of the battery on-the-go, a revolutionary German propulsion system that provides up to 114km range, a quiet high torque motor and smaller wheels for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. With its stylish, distinctive Y-frame design with Hydroform manufacture the Obree achieved a “Gut” rating by

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A2B is proud to say we now boast Four ExtraEnergy awards

Fantastic recognition for A2B’s attention to detail as well as design and engineering excellence by ExtraEnergy, the recognised authority for independent LEV tests worldwide.

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A2B’s Obree award nomination - voting open

Designs of the Year Awards is hosting an online voting platform where the public are invited to vote for their favourite nominee.

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