A2B eSocialBike is a new technology set to revolutionise the e-bike owner experience. 

eSocialBike uses pioneering Sitael technology to enhance the A2B journey with familiar features such as route planning and GPS, but in addition it also gathers essential diagnostics and maintenance information direct from a chip housed in the bike’s battery compartment.

This technology helps A2B owners stay on top of their bike maintenance with warranty notifications and the ability to report issues – getting answers, technical info and offers via the app – and gives dealers a direct dialogue with their customers.

Owners will also receive live updates on how to use and charge the bike more efficiently to prolong its lifespan. eSocialBike also provides a stream of real-time communication between the user, their bike and their local dealer meaning faster assistance and efficient solutions to any potential technical issues. This means owners and dealers alike have quick access to vital data to help solve diagnostic and hardware issues faster and more effectively.

The eSocialBike app is available on selected A2B models from and also available for existing owners of compatible A2B bikes through the purchase of a new battery. The app is available to download on iPhone and android smartphones.

Further feature updates are planned for early 2015.