South Africa opens Pop-Up retail space

South African distributor Cycology has launched a new website and opened a retail A2B space in pop-up store front Window.

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Shima is ExtraEnergy Test Winner for Lifestyle Pedelecs

A huge coup for A2B last week as ExtraEnergy announces the Shima as Test Winner in the Lifestyle Category

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eBikes grow in popularity in the USA

Online Tech review site, CNET TV, looks at why an e-bike could be your next ride.

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Denmark's Flagship Store opens in Copenhagen

Danish A2B distributors host Danish press and A2B dealers to an event unveiling the new look A2B to Copenhagen and Denmark through their electric bike showroom and A2B flagship store

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Global Relaunch of A2B

On Monday 8 April 2013, global electric bicycle brand A2B launched it's new look brand, products and display materials to a network of 30 country specific distributors and the press.

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Electric Bike Magazine reviews Hybrid/24 in this month's issue

Journalist Peter Erland takes the Hybrid/24 on the road to run it through it's paces.

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India’s Biggest Bike Maker Enters E-Bike Market with Ultra Motor Take-Over

Archived news article: On December 28, 2011 Hero Eco Ltd announced the take-over of the London, UK headquartered Ultra Motor Ltd.

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